Actress Portia de Rossi appeared on her wife's chat show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, last night and chatted about her guest role on Scandal, having babies and then, as you do, she got dunked into a tank of water.

Before Portia ruined her hair and make-up (all to raise awareness of breast cancer research) she chatted to her wife of six years about the rumours that they are planning to start a family. 

DeGeneres said: "One of the main things that everybody's asking me about and asking you about, and I thought I would let you clear it up, is, if we're having a baby or not." 

De Rossi responded: "It would be so fun for everybody if we were, wouldn't it?" But don't get your hopes up."

DeGeneres went on to describe her wife as the, "sweetest, charming, most adorable person I know". 

Then in a sign of her deep love and respect, she dunked her spouse in a big tub of water. Ain't love grand!?