Poet John John Betjeman invited "friendly bombs" to fall on Slough but Ricky Gervais as star of TV mockumentary The Office David Brent sings the praises of the maligned Berkshire town on his new single. Listen here.

Slough was the setting for The Office from 2001 to 2003 and Gervais played king of cringe David Brent, the manager of Wernham Hogg paper manufacturers who harboured dreams of rock stardom.

Gervais is preparing to resurrect Brent for a in new TV mockumentary, Life On The Road, which follows Brent as he tries to reignite his musical career. 

Gervais has said of the return of Brent: "Imagine if that was a real documentary - The Office - and David Brent was the person he was. He'd still be trying to be famous.

"You wouldn't go back and find him in the office - you would go back and find him repping like he is now, still trying to be a pop star and trying to get Simon Cowell‘s eye and trying to have his own YouTube channel."