Tony Bennett has said that he enjoyed working with Lady Gaga on their album Cheek To Cheek so much that he hopes to work with her "as many times as possible in the future."

The 88-year-old singer teamed up with Gaga for a jazz collaboration album and speaking to website Confidenti@l he said, "People are shocked by how wonderful she sings the great American standards.

"I steered her toward quality and she picked up on it right away. She's never been happier in her life."

He added, "There were no moments of craziness or eccentricity when I was with her. She said that when she was 13 and singing jazz, 'Nobody ever paid any attention to me'.  We get along great and she's just such a good improvised jazz singer.

"I think the public are going to say, 'I knew she could sing well but I didn't know she could sing that well'. I just love her and want to work with her as many times as possible in the future."