Daniel Radcliffe has described his role in Horns as the most "emotionally intense" character he's ever played.

Based on the novel by Joe Hill, Horns revolves around a man named Ig who is suspected of murdering his girlfriend.

He then wakes up one day to discover that he has grown a pair of horns and acquired powers that might allow him to discover the identity of the real killer.

Radcliffe told Total Film that his character is a "good person", but more angry than other roles he has played in the past.

"He's a good person who has something inexplicable and terrifying happen to him," Radcliffe explained.

"Ig's anger is a lot more on display than any character I've played. The way he lashes out at the world is much more overt than I've done before.

"And I think, frankly, it's one of the most emotionally intense characters I've ever played."

Horns is due for release on October 31.

Here's a trailer for Horns: