Actress Elizabeth McGovern, who plays Lady Cora on Downton Abbey, reveals she would like to have a "more tagic face". 

The  53-year old Californian actress first starred  in Robert Redford's 1980 directorial debut, Ordinary People. In 1981, she won an Oscar nomination for Ragtime. She also starred with Robert De Niro in the mafia extravaganza, Once Upon A Time In America.

Asked what she most dislikes about her appearance, she told The Guardian: “My body's pretty good (for my age), but I always wished for a different face. I'd like a more tragic face.”

She also revealed that the living person she most admires is Keith Richards. “I've just read his autobiography, and he seems to have survived it all with his wit intact."

The trait she most deplores in others is bullying. “It is pathetic and always a sign of great weakness.”

Not having enough time left makes her unhappy.

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