Neil Young is reportedly putting finishing touches to a new, orchestral album for release in November, believed to be entitled Storytone after the world's first electric piano.

The album arrives in the middle of Young's divorce from Pegi, his wife of 36 years. Young has not officially announced the title of the new and 35th album. However, the website of Chris Walden, a German-born composer and arranger, mentions arrangements for an “upcoming Neil Young album, Storytone (out Nov 4)“.

ABC News Radio has also alerted listeners to the Facebook page of music contractor Gina Zimmitti, who has posted photos of Walden and Young’s recent recording sessions. 

Walden is known for his big band and orchestral arrangements, and he has worked with Andrea Bocelli. The Storytone title most likely refers to the RCA Storytone, the world's first electric piano which was introduced in 1939.

In a speech earlier this year, and in a recent interview with Billboard magazine, Young expressed interest in making an orchestral album using a single, possibly mono, microphone.

“To me that’s a challenge and it’s a sound that’s unbelievable, and you can’t get it any other way,” he said.