Rose Leslie played “Wildling” Ygritte in Game of Thrones. The flame-haired actress will soon be seen in Honeymoon, about a honeymoon that takes a sinister turn.

The new movie follows a honeymoon that is threatened by dark forces, but Leslie says it hasn't put her off marriage. “I just know that for my honeymoon I'm not going to go to a cabin in the woods,” she declared.

The actress also opened up about her famous raven hair to the NY Daily News, saying: “I never wanted to be a ginger. Mum and Dad paid me 50 pence, which was a lot of money when I was 8 years old, not to dye my hair.”

Leslie eventually saw the value of her red hair. “I’m very aware that Ygritte could have been no other apart from red, and I also feel there are other jobs that I’ve been fortunate enough to get because of my hair,” she said.