Director Ridley Scott has revealed that the script for his planned Blade Runner sequel is complete, and that Harrison Ford will be involved.

Scott's classic 1982 sci-fi film, starred Ford as Deckard, a man whose mission was to capture and liquidate rogue artificial humans, or so-called "replicants".

According to the website Den of Geek, the director has confirmed that 72-year-old Ford will be "a part of" the sequel, despite a recent injury sustained on the set of Star Wars: Episode VII.

It is uncertain, however, whether Ford will reprise the role of Deckard or take on a lesser role in the sequel, which has been co-written by one of the original film's screenwriters, Michael Green.

In his 1993 Director's Cut edition, Scott included scenes suggesting that Deckard himself may be a 'replicant'. The first film suggested that replicants are unable to age conventionally, fans consider it unlikely that Ford would play an older version of Deckard.

Whatever the case, Scott has declared that the script  "is damn good."