Doctor Who returns tonight and new Time Lord Peter Capaldi has promised that season eight of the BBC show will be "different" from previous years.

Capaldi takes over the role of the Doctor in this weekend's feature-length episode, which sees Jenna Coleman return as companion Clara Oswald.

Speaking to the New York Daily News, Capaldi and Coleman acknowledged that the dynamic between The Doctor and Clara will be far less playful than during his predecessor Matt Smith's era.

"He saves the world, and he's full of joy and enthusiasm and curiosity in all the same ways, but he doesn't have the patience anymore, and he's unapologetic," Coleman stated.

Capaldi said: "They sort of hurt each other in a way I haven't seen them do before and they can't understand why."

He added that a particular favourite moment from series eight was facing off with classic monsters the Daleks in episode two.

"I actually swore with delight," Capaldi said of shooting his first scene opposite the Daleks.

Capaldi and Coleman have both been coy about rumours that The Doctor's companion Clara will be written out of the show before the end of the year.

Doctor Who is on BBC One at 7.50pm and in selected cinemas.

Here's Peter Capaldi's first scene as the Doctor: