Ed Sheeran has revealed that he feels "no bitterness" about the situation he sings about on his latest track, Don't. 

The 23-year-old singer-songwriter's lyrics in his current single Don't reveals he was let down by a former flame.

He sings about someone who makes "money the same way" leading fans to guess he could be directing his scathing lyrics to Taylor Swift or Ellie Goulding. 

Speaking to Capital Fm, Sheeran responded to the speculation saying: "They don't really [know] though, people have assumptions.

"I know people hear the song and it might be fresh because it's the first time they've heard it, but I think all parties involved have just moved on. It's a year on from writing the song and it was a long time ago."

He added: "With that track, I only felt that way for a week, and then I made my peace with it and got on with it... It just happened that that song was alright and I wanted to put it on the album.

"But I don't have any bitterness towards that situation at all. I literally got over it within the week and the song just stuck around."

Check out Don't below: