If you thought solitude was the only game in town for Morrissey, you'd be wrong. Check out Mozopoly! The perfect game for those warm summer days indoors!

The satirical creation of website Troubled Morrissey, Mozopoly is described as, "a bored game for up to one player" and lists locations from Morrissey songs such as Dublin, Dundee (and yes Humberside) instead of the usual monotonous Monopoly street and place names.

Life choices derived from Moz lyrics such as "Find a job: feel miserable" and our favourite, "Hit by ten tonne truck: go to cemetery" are also listed on the Mozopoly board. 

It's the bee's knees! For this and more Morrissey-related larks go to troubledmorrissey.com and follow the poor boy on twitter @troubledmozza.