It has been confirmed that comedian Chris Addison will appear in the upcoming eighth series of Doctor Who.

This won't be the first time the funny man will appear on-screen with the new Doctor, Peter Capaldi, as the pair previously starred alongside each other in political comedy The Thick of It and the big-screen adaptation In the Loop.

Addison, who last year was tipped to take on the role of the Time Lord, will star in the two-part series finale Dark Water/Death in Heaven, written by Steven Moffat.

Speaking to Radio Times, the Mock the Week star said: "'Would you like to be in Doctor Who?' is the easiest question I've ever been asked. 

"It's a 35 year dream come true, 7-year-old me would be going off his nut and I'm not far behind.

"It's a great way to spend a couple of weeks, working with people I've always wanted to work with on a show I've loved all my life. My bucket list is quite a lot shorter now."

Capaldi's debut as the new Doctor will air this Saturday, August 23 at 7.50pm on BBC One.

Check out a trailer for the eight series below