Game of Thrones author George RR Martin has spoken out about his dislike of camera phones.

He said: “There are so many of them and it just doesn't end. Oh, and 'selfies'! If I could clap my hands and burn out every camera phone in the world, I swear I'd do it!"

Speaking to The Guardian in Edinburgh for today’s edition of the newspaper, the 65-year old writer talked about the strange sensations that fame brings.

"I wouldn't use the word shock," he declared, “But, yes, it does seem unreal at moments. I'm constantly forgetting that my life has been transformed. I think [JK] Rowling was a different case because they were her first books. For me, I'd had 20 years of fantasy and science fiction books that had done well, but not like this. And there's part of me that makes the unconscious assumption that I'm still that person and can live that kind of life.

And then I'm reminded that I can't because Game of Thrones has become such a phenomenon and I've become a celebrity. There are nice things about it and not so nice."

The not-so-nice thing is loss of privacy. “I can't go out any more; I can't walk the streets," he told The Guardian’s Mark Lawson.