Actor Tom Vaughan-Lawlor chats to RTÉ TEN about series five of Love/Hate, life as Nidge and portraying PJ Mara in Charlie. 

Check out RTÉ TEN's interview with the Love/Hate star below: 

Watch! Tom Vaughan-Lawlor on Love/Hate

Speaking at the launch of RTÉ One's Autumn/Winter schedule Vaughan-Lawlor said he was delighted with direction writer Stuart Carolan gave Love/Hate in season four. 

He said: "Because Stuart's an artist he wants to challenge the show and take it in a different direction. For me it's the richest psychologically of all the series and the most complex and the darkest. And so, I think he was challenging himself to take it in a very different direction.

"But also the thing is you've got political correspondents and crime correspondents as well as cultural commentators writing about the show and saying, 'It should be this, it should be that.
He added that while many people did not like the ending of season four, he felt it was fitting to the story."

He continued: "And you're never going to please all those people. The sure way of buggering something up is to worry about what people think. As an artist you have to follow your instincts and he has done that."

The actor also answered the burning question on everybody's lips: Will there be another season?

He added: "We don't know, we go year to year. In American TV shows you sign options, so with big shows in America you're contracted for five seasons. We just don't do that, we go season to season. It's always been the case with Love/Hate.

"So when this [season 5] comes out, people will sit down and go, 'Where do you want to go, what do you want to do?' And we take it from there. That's always the way."