Actress Charlie Murphy has opened up about her character Siobhan's motivations for season five of Love/Hate, and it sounds like she's out to get Nidge.

Speaking at the launch of the RTÉ One autumn/winter schedule, Murphy said that Siobhan has come a long way since she first appeared on the show.

She explained: "In the first series she just comes in very briefly, she's under-age, in the first scene she's in she's asking for a drink, so she's 17. So that period of time, from 17, it's five years on, so watching someone change over that period of time is interesting anyway, but she's particularly been through a lot so she's grown up and kind of found her feet a bit.

"She's become very independent, because she's been through so much she feels like she has nothing to lose. There's a focus and a fire in her to bring a judgement day forward."

Murphy also spoke about how, at the end of season four, Siobhan was very much out for revenge on her Uncle Nidge, and this continues into season five. 

"Yeah, so it picks up a couple of weeks after season four finishes, so she's very focused on doing that and that gives her some sort of a release as well. In deciding to do that she feels like she's quite powerful in herself. More independent and more in control in a way."