Actor John Connors has spoken about his character, pipe-bomb maker Patrick, in season five of Love/Hate, saying he is on a "collision course" with Nidge. 

In season four, Patrick headed off to England with his family, but he's back in Dublin for season five.

Connors said at the RTÉ One autumn/winter launch today: "He's back and he has a tough decision to make and he has a lot to take into account with his family and his loved ones.

"Basically, his decision leads him on a collision course with Nidge and we see a different side to Patrick."

He continued: "That's one of the things I love about Love/Hate and the writing is that in season one we see Nidge and by the end of season two we see a completely different side.

"With Fran in season two and three there was a change; and it's kind of similar for Patrick. He's a fully formed human being, you know."

Connors added: "And you get a great sense of the community he came from, that shaped him. It was just a great experience and it was an amazing shoot because I spent a lot of time on my family's camp because it was shot on location there."

When asked what it was like shooting on his family's camp, the actor said: "It was brilliant, all my gang were all friends and cousins. They were all extras and basically once a week Caffo [director David Caffrey] would need a special extra so they'd all be fighting for that role.

"So I played up to that myself - I'd be coming into them nearly every day and say, 'Come up to the trailer, there's a line up for grabs today'. I'd make up the most ridiculous line and have, like, 10 of them all deliver it and be critiquing them. 'Yeah that was really good but more aggression!' And then at the end of the day I'd have to break it to them that there's no line. But it was all in good fun, we had good craic.

"It was amazing, there was a lot of love around and everybody was happy that the crew were there and it was all easy."