Aoibhinn McGinnity, who plays sultry Trish on Love/Hate, said that the cast and crew have a "perfect dynamic" on set.

The actress spoke about the atmosphere filming the show at the RTÉ One autumn/winter schedule launch, saying: "It's great, everything goes so fast so you don't have much time to mess around, which is probably a good thing!

"But I think it's just the perfect dynamic in that we work really hard, we all care about it so much, it means the same thing to everyone, but in-between there is a lightness there that we can quickly muck about and then get back into it, so it's not too serious either."

The Monaghan-born star spoke what Trish gets up to in season five, saying: "She gets out a bit, herself and Siobhan have a few drinks, a few vodkas. Get to film dancing scenes with no music and that kind of stuff!

"She gets out a little bit more but there's definitely that kind of isolation there this year that's a bit more prominent with her. Her selfishness is her survival technique and it's kind of wearing thin this year, she's definitely a bit lonelier."

When asked if she gets recognised in public, the 28-year-old actress answered: "I get away with not being recognised a lot, but sometimes I do. And it's always very positive. People just want a picture or a Snapchat or whatever and that's kind of it, then they're gone, it's over, and you're like 'Ok, back to grocery shopping!'"

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