Former Dexter star Michael C. Hall will make a return to the small screen with a new miniseries written by the late Stanley Kubrick.

Nearly a year after wrapping his role on Dexter's eight-season run, the actor will star in the drama God Fearing Man.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, God Fearing Man tells the true story of Canadian minister Herbert Emerson Wilson who went on to become one of the most successful American bank robbers in the early 20th century.

Hall will star as Wilson and executive produce the drama for Entertainment One, who will shop it to the networks.

Entertainment One's Michael Rosenberg said: "Kubrick's God Fearing Man presents a larger-than-life story with a complicated protagonist who undergoes a radical transformation.

"We knew we had to secure a leading man with the immense talent and charisma needed to carry the project, and we were dedicated to putting in the diligent time and effort to find the perfect fit."

He added: "We cannot be more pleased to have Michael on board, who has time and again demonstrated an uncanny ability to portray captivating characters who must grapple with fundamental internal struggles."

God Fearing Man is one of two unfinished projects from Kubrick, who died in 1999.