The Script frontman Danny O'Donoghue says he left The Voice UK because he feared he was becoming a "personality and not a musician". 

33-year-old O’Donoghue was a judge on the first two seasons of the UK programme alongside Tom Jones,, and Jessie J.

The Irish Mirror quote the star as saying, "We did the show and we did it for two years but we felt if we did it one more year we might be taken in by the BBC as an act - almost like a part of the establishment.

"And I'm in the business of The Script and not The Voice or the BBC. So you start to hear you might not get on other shows if people start to see you as BBC property."

The Voice of Ireland is due back on RTÉ One this Autumn. The Script are due to release their fourth album on No Sound Without Silence on September 12 and their new single Superheroes on August 29.

He added, "The main influence on this was coming back into the fold and being a band again - not wanting to be Danny from The Voice. I want to be known as Danny from The Script and not be famous for being famous.”