Bono's daugther Eve Hewson says that her dad wasn't keen on her choice of acting as a career but she told him that she was as passionate about her dream as he is about making music.

The 23-year-old currently has a lead role in American historical medical drama The Knick, which premiered in the US this week and is due to air on Irish television next month.

Speaking to website The Daily Beast, Eve said that she had to plead with her parents to let her pursue her acting dream.

“I basically said to my dad that, look, I’m just as passionate about movies as you were about music, and when you were 18 you wouldn’t let anyone stop you so you’ve gotta let me do this.

“He didn’t take no for an answer when he was 18, so I have that in my genes. I went to school and I studied it and I wanted to know what I was talking about and I wanted to learn about it."

Eve, who is the younger sister of Jordan and the older sister of Elijah Bob and John Abraham. has previously appeared in recent movies This Must Be the PlaceEnough Said, and The 27 Club.

She also starred in the video for the The Script's song For the First Time.

The budding actress also told the Daily Beast that having a famous dad didn’t help her secure Hollywood roles.

“What’s great about Hollywood is that it is so cutthroat, and it really f***ing doesn’t matter who you are. If you’re not right for the part, you’re not right the part. No director is going to sacrifice their film because they want someone’s famous kid in it for a headline."