The Rover star Robert Pattinson has said he's proud of his older sister who is rumoured to be a frontrunner on this year's X Factor.

Speaking to Grazia magazine Pattinson said of his sister Lizzy's X Factor audition, "I'm like, ridiculously proud of her. I would never have the balls to do that, ever, in a million years. I can't believe she's done it. So, it's amazing."

A source told The Sun that Lizzy was nervous her famous brother would cloud people's judgement of her, "It was really important Lizzy was judged for her voice on the show and not as Rob's sister – that's why she hid the link at first.

"But she couldn't keep it under wraps for long. During her audition she was asked about him but all she said was he was very supportive. She's not the kind of person to cash in on the connection. However far she goes, she wants it to be on merit."