Christina Hendricks has revealed that filming has been completed and the final Mad Men episodes are in the can.

The actress - who plays Mad Men character Joan Harris - confirmed they have finished filming the final episode of the show in an interview on BBC Radio 1.

Speaking to Greg James, Hendricks said: "We just shot our last series, series seven. We are milking it, trying to hold onto it."

Fans won't get to see the finale until at least April next year. The second half of season seven, entitled The End of an Era, will premiere in the US on AMC next year and follow on RTÉ One and Sky Atlantic.

39-year-old Hendricks also said no-one involved anticipated how successful the drama, about the New York advertising industry in the 1960s, would be.

"It's blown our minds, we didn't even know if people were going to watch it," she said.

"It was very funny as most people on the show weren't very well known before we started and so people would just start to think we were our characters when they saw us on the street.