Two braids of of Willie Nelson’s hair and Buddy Holly’s motorcycle are part of the estate of Waylon Jennings, which is holding an auction of around 2,000 items owned by the late country singer.

The Musical Instrument Museum will host the sale in Phoenix, Arizona on October 5, according to the New York Times. Jennings’ personal effects included a pair of Hank Williams’ cowboy boots and a set of Willie Nelson's braids, presented to Jennings at a party in 1983. Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash had gathered a group of friends to celebrate the fact that Jennings had given up alcohol.

Buddy Holly bought the motorbike a year before he died in a 1959 aeroplane crash. Waylon Jennings was scheduled to be on that flight. He had been touring as Holly’s bassist, but gave up his seat to JP Richardson, known as the Big Bopper.

Two of Holly’s associates presented Jennings with the black Ariel Cyclone motorbike 20 years later, as a birthday present.