Victoria Beckham is putting over 600 items from her wardrobe up for sale to help mothers living with HIV Africa.

Beckham's August 20 sale on is for the charity mothers2mothers, which will use the money to fund education programmes to prevent the transmission of HIV from mother to child.  

In a video on the charity's website, the designer said: "Every single piece that I have put in to be sold brought back a lot of memories, a lot of really, really happy memories of myself and David, of myself and the children, of different events that I've been to and a lot of these pieces have been made specially for me by the designers."

She added: "I'm keeping a few pieces (for daughter Harper) but for me it was more important to raise money for this charity.

"As a woman we have a responsibility to really help and support other women, to do what we can do to help and I'd like to thank everybody at Outnet for joining me on this journey."