Kim Kardashian revealed that there was quite a bit of alcoholic indulgence among the guests before her wedding to Kanye West earlier this year.

Speaking on Jimmy Kimmel Live yesterday, she admitted that her sister Khloe had a bit too much to drink at the rehearsal dinner at the Palace of Versailles.

“I think everyone just had such a good time at Versailles that they drank too much," Kardashian said, recalling waking up her sister. "She was laying down and getting her make-up done while she was sleeping, she was so hungover."

Kimye exchanged vows at Forte di Belvedere in Florence after the rehearsal dinner in France. "We fell in love in Paris, I got pregnant with our daughter in Florence . . . “ the 33-year-old reality star recalled.

“We wanted to share our love story. We tried to trick everyone as to where the ceremony would be held, but when the information was leaked it kind of sucked."

Kardashian revealed there was a last-minute embarrassment at the reception. An expected invitee didn't attend after all guests name had been engraved in the marble table top.

"It was the worst," she told Kimmel. "We tried to put white paint and cover the name." 

It was rumoured at the time of Kim's wedding that Beyoncé and Jay Z cancelled at the eleventh hour and enjoyed a weekend in the Hamptons instead.