Legendary guitarist Carlos Santana joined Rod Stewart on stage in Vancouver on Saturday night, August 2

However, according to local newspaper, The Province, Santana pretty much upstaged the main event. "He (Santana) can still shred like a monster, and he did at Rogers Arena on Saturday," wrote the paper’s correspondent. "Rod Stewart — the headlining act — had a harder row to hoe."

"We’re only an opening band, just a simple opening group," said Santana humbly. "But we’re going to make it really hot for you tonight." Duly impressed, The Province reporter writes: "By the end of the set, I felt sorry for the headliner."

14 people were on stage at one point for the Stewart performance including the band, singers and go-go dancers.  

"Perhaps a louder mix would have helped, because Stewart still sings well enough," wrote The Province. "But he can’t belt at all . . so musically, Santana burned. Rod kind of steeped. And when Santana joined Stewart for I’d Rather Go Blind, he burned brighter still."

The writer concludes by remarking the he would have ‘reversed the bill.’