Christina Hendricks and Philip Seymour Hoffman play husband and wife in the movie God’s Pocket and the actress has said she finds it difficult to watch the film since her co-star's death.

The Mad Men star recently told The Guardian that it is difficult watching God's Pocket now, knowing that Seymour Hoffman has gone. He died on February 2, a little over two weeks after the film’s premiere at Sundance Film Festival in Utah.

Both actors had been at Sundance for the premiere of God's Pocket on January 17. Seymour Hoffman had ‘seemed fantastic’ at the premiere, according to the actress.  

"I was saying to my husband (the actor Geoffrey Arend) that sometimes when you have a friend who passes, it feels very, very final," says Hendricks.

"But something about Philip… I keep thinking I'm going to see him again. I guess, when I watch the film now, I feel like it's a celebration of him. I feel lucky to have gotten to work with him. I feel grateful and I feel sad."

“I knew he'd had problems in the past but I really did think it was in the past. I was so surprised."

Hendricks admitted to nerves at the prospect of working with a man acknowledged by many to be the greatest actor of recent times. However, she says that "he was incredibly warm and collaborative."