Jarvis Cocker will judge a Pulp karaoke competition in New York next week and organisers have told entrants they stand a better chance of taking part if they don't chose to sing Common People.

Potential contestants have been provided with a list of Pulp songs that they may sing at the event which is being held at the Industry City venue in Brooklyn. 

The competition will take place after a screening of Pulp's new film Pulp: A Film About Life, Death, and Supermarkets and a Q+A with Cocker and the film's director, Florian Habicht.

Contestants can select from these Pulp songs to perform for Jarvis: All Time High, Babies, Common People, Disco 2000, Do You Remember The First Time, Help The Aged, Mile End, Monday Morning, Sorted For E's and Wizz and This is Hardcore.

What? No Bad Cover Version? Here's the Pulp tune we here in RTÉ Ten would warble if we got the chance.