Actor, singer and one-time best-paid actor on television Hugh Laurie says he waits a full ten years before watching any of his TV performances as he loathes how he looks and sounds on screen.

According to The Daily Mirror, the 55-year old said: “I hate, hate, hate, hate it, but it’s always been that way. I can’t stand myself on voicemail or anything.

"I hate the way I sound and hate the way I look. I am resigned to perpetual discontent. Usually I need about ten years to go by and then I can look back on something and I go, well, that was OK.”

Laurie has released two albums of jazz and blues and has spent nearly three years away from acting to tour. However, he will return next year with sci-fi thriller Tomorrowland.

He has previously said that his breakout role in House turned into a 'nightmare' despite the fact that he was paid a reported £250,000 an episode and won two Golden Globes for his role as crusty Dr Gregory House.