HomeGround: The Kate Bush Magazine Anthology 1982-2012 has just been published in two volumes.

The first issue of the HomeGround fanzine appeared in 1982, four years after the British musician's breakthrough with the single Wuthering Heights.

The fanzine was put together using a typewriter, scissors and paste, with hand-drawn artwork to fill the gaps.

The first issue was photocopied, the pages hand-stapled together and 25 copies were given away to fans.

Two new anthologies include material from over 400 contributors spanning the 30-year existence of the magazine.

Homeground: The Kate Bush Magazine, Anthology One Wuthering Heights to The Sensual World runs to 648 pages, while Homeground: The Kate Bush Magazine: Anthology Two: The Red Shoes to 50 Words for Snow runs to 568 pages.

The books are available at Amazon, Play, Barnes & Noble, Waterstones and all online booksellers - or direct from the publishers, Crescent Moon.

Actor Guy Pearce, a longtime fan of the singer, has said of the anthologies: "For a Kate Bush fan there was nothing more satisfying, other than perhaps Kate herself dropping around for a quick cup of tea, than the arrival of a much awaited issue of HomeGround.

"Just as the illusion of being the one and only devotee reaches overwhelming heights a surprise package is delivered as a joyous reminder of Kate Bush's hold over, not just me, but many of us."