Gold, the new Irish film from director Niall Heery which stars David Wilmot, Kerry Condon, Maisie Williams and James Nesbitt, will be released in cinemas this autumn. Check out the trailer here.

Gold tells the story of Ray (Wilmot), a man trying to reconnect with his ex-girlfriend (Condon) and daughter (Williams) after 12 years and whose good intentions give way to "comic catastrophe".

The film will be distributed by Irish company Wildcard Distribution and features cameos by David McSavage and The Hardy Bucks' Martin Maloney.

Small Engine Repair director Heery, who co-wrote Gold with his brother Brendan, said: "I'm really looking forward to working with Wildcard on the release of Gold. They showed great excitement for the project and when you're dealing with people with that level of enthusiasm, it makes you feel more secure about your film's prospects.

"We spoke to a number of distributors, and they all had interesting ideas, but Wildcard had the most innovative approach on how best to promote the film and get it to its audience."