Garth Brooks fans took to the streets of Dublin today to voice their anger at the ongoing impasse over the singer's five Croke Park concerts.

The Irish Independent reports that about 50 diehard fans from all over Ireland marched from the GPO to Wood Quay to protest the council’s decision to only grant licences to three out of the original five shows.

Speaking to The Irish Independent, many fans dismissed the suggestion that Brooks could play matinee shows instead of doing the fourth and fifth nights.

“The matinee idea is a farce, what artist in the world could put on a good performance and then go off for an hour or two and then go back on stage and do another good performance," said Dubliner Barbara. "Besides that, how do you get 80,000 people in and out safely in a matter of maybe an hour or two?”

Leanne O’Hagan said that she had cut short a year-long trip to Australia so she could see Brooks in Croke Park. “I came home from Australia for this concert," she said.

"I was in Australia for 10 months and I had two and a half months left in Australia and I came home early for this concert."

Brooks is said to be still holding out hope that the five shows will go ahead even though it could mean the passing of emergency legislation.