Garth Brooks has sent a deeply emotional personal letter to promoter Peter Aiken following the cancellation of his concerts in Croke Park.

Dear Peter

I was informed yesterday that the shows are cancelled and the refunds begin on Monday. I cannot begin to tell you how badly my heart is breaking right now. I hope you understand that to play for 400,000 people would be a dream, but to tell 160,000 of those people that they are not welcome would be a nightmare.

To do what the city manager suggests (play three shows and not all five) means I agree that that is how people should be treated and I just can't agree with that.

Our guys are still en route and if there is any chance that the five planned concerts can be salvaged and nobody is being let down then we can proceed as planned until the refunds begin. If you tell me, `Garth, thanks but it's over.' I will cease my efforts and bring our people and gear back to the States.

"If you think for any reason that `the powers that be' can fix this, then I will faithfully go to the last second.

Please let me know how to proceed.

All my gratitude, respect and love to you and Ireland, g."