Mr Selfridge is likely to run to four series, according to its creator Andrew Davies.

Warning: Spoiler alert for Mr Selfridge's third season!

The ITV drama starring Jeremy Piven was "always conceived" with four seasons in mind.

Davies explained to Digital Spy: "It was always conceived of as four series - that is, if people liked it enough. People seem to love it, so I think we can do the four series."

The writer also revealed that Piven's central character Harry Selfridge will become "darker and wilder" in the upcoming third season, following the death of his wife.

He said: "He was just such a good boy all through the second series - I'd like him to cut loose in the third.

"[In real life] he became increasingly wild and reckless and finished up penniless - so it's got a tragic arc at the end. I guess we're going to stick to that."