The Brendan O’Carroll success story could be about to inspire a chat show hosted by Agnes Brown.

Mrs Brown's Boys has proved to be a sensational stage, TV and now big-screen hit and according to The Mirror, the BBC is keen to extend its reach even further.

The chat show - with Brendan O’Carroll in character as Agnes Brown - would reportedly be similar to The Mrs Merton Show, which saw Caroline Aherne starring as an elderly host causing mayhem.

Talks for the series are reportedly in the early stages, but the Mirror quotes a BBC source who said that bosses at the station are keen to "get the wheels in motion" on the project.

The source added: “Agnes Brown is irreverent, outspoken and ­incredibly nosey - perfect qualities for a chat-show host.

“The hope is it would be very much in line with The Mrs Merton Show, which was a huge hit. Things are at an early stage but senior staff are hopeful this can happen.

“It’s a fantastic idea and seems like a near-certain hit on paper.”

Here's Mrs Merton famously interviewing Debbie McGee: