The promoter of Garth Brooks' gigs in Croke Park has said the singer is "devastated" that only three of the five planned concerts have been given the go ahead. 

Peter Aiken of Aiken Promotions said he was disappointed that the local authority has denied permission for concerts on July 28 and Tuesday July 29.

Mr Aiken told RTÉ News that the singer told him that it is not fair that 160,000 people will not be able to attend the two shows.

"It puts him in an awful position - the production he's putting into this thing . . . " Mr Aiken said. "We can't strip that down and move to another venue, there's this rumour we can movie to somewhere else.

"He is saying to me, give me a solution for the 160,000 people. He doesn't want to leave a 160,000 people. It's not fair that 160,000 people don't see the show."

Mr Aiken said that he first heard the news this morning but he had "an inclination" of the situation last night.

The promoter, who has worked with the country superstar since the early nineties, said ticket sales for the gigs had become "a runaway train" after the first two shows were announced but he added that there was a lot of "scaremongering" around the concerts.

Mr Aiken said: "It's unbelievable, I never thought it would happen, that's the truth. Not a day since they went on sale I never expected that we wouldn't get the licence for the concerts."

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