A humble cup of tea is top of Kanye West's backstage requests – albeit in a fancy ceramic cup!

The American rapper takes to the stage at Marlay Park on Wednesday night, July 2 – a double headliner with Pharrell Williams – and it has been revealed that he would like a cuppa before he takes to the stage.

West's rider is actually quite tame compared to some other celebrities: his friends Jay Z and Beyoncé have a penchant for €200 bottles of champagne and request an all-white room that must have its temperature set at 22 degrees Celsius. 

The Irish Independent says that 37-year-old West, who recently honeymooned in Ireland with Kim Kardashian, has asked for three different types of water, fruit platters, cheese boards, two spacious love seats, an XBOX 360 and a DVD entertainment system. 

He also specially requests that there is no Coca Cola in his dressing room.