The Bone Clocks follows the story of Holly Sykes, who runs away from home in 1984 and 60 years is living in the West of Ireland, raising a granddaughter as climate change wreaks complete havoc.

Holly has an almost dizzyingly colourful life, as you would with the author of Cloud Atlas. She works as a barmaid in a Swiss resort, and has a child with a foreign correspondent covering the Iraq War in 2003.

The Guardian writes of a novel that "looks ahead to life without oil in his (Mitchell's) forthcoming metaphysical thriller. The Bone Clocks imagines a murderous feud conducted in the shadows of our world."

 “The arc of a life, a social seismograph, a fantasy of shadows and an inquiry into ageing, mortality and survival, The Bone Clocks could only have been written by David Mitchell,” declare publishers Sceptre. Mitchell's Cloud Atlas was adapted for a successful 2012 film.

Mitchell worked with his wife Keiko Yoshida on the translation of the The Reason I Jump by Japanese writer Naoki Higishida. Higishida has autism and wrote the book when he was 13 years old. The Reason I Jump was published last year.

The Bone Clocks will be published in hardback on September 4.