Daniel Radcliffe says his acting in the first film adaptations of J.K Rowling's beloved books lack subtlety and skill.

"There wasn't a lot of nuance to my performance when I was young,"  the 24-year-old actor told Melvyn Bragg on the recent South Bank Show (Sky Arts).

"I find those early films very hard to watch, personally," he said.

Radcliffe pointed out that the young cast did not have the assistance of an acting coach. 

"And there's times we could've done with one, “ he says. “ I know I could've."

Radcliffe paid tribute to his Harry Potter co-star Gary Oldman for showing him how it’s done.

"My best work in the Potter films comes when I'm in a scene with Gary," he said.

He was "starstruck" by Oldman, which goaded him to push harder to get it right, the actor declared.