After suffering "a very slight stroke", Coronation Street legend Jean Alexander has said she is recovering well and has thanked fans for their good wishes.

Alexander, who played Hilda Ogden for 23 years, became ill at her Merseyside home last week and is now recovering at a rehabilitation unit.

The actress told The Mirror: "Don't worry, I am fit and well, but thank you so much for your good-will messages."

She continued: "I suffered a very slight stroke but I hope to be back in the garden in no time at all.

"I've spent my career playing old ladies – now I am one."

The 88-year-old added: "Don't write me off yet; there's still so much I plan to see and do." 

In trademark style, Alexander also put the record straight: "I was not 'rushed' to hospital, there were no blue lights. In fact, I asked the ambulance driver to take me back for my mints, because I never go anywhere without them. And he did."