Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster married seven years ago near Portofino, and are back in Italy - in Venice - this week to mark their wedding anniversary.

“We’d met in 1999 and we’d started having a few dates but we weren’t really together,' Penny told The Mirror. “Then I just stopped seeing him. I said "Look, this isn’t for me, great to have met you, blah, blah, blah. I actually think it might have been his wake-up moment - kind of "What am I doing letting her go?" Bless him. He really is hugely romantic - champagne, flowers, candlelit dinners all of that.”

The singer has eight children and he has been married three times. "I settled down, first with Rachel (Hunter) then with Penny, so I've been a good boy for quite a while, and I'm happy,” the 69-year old rocker told GQ