The team members at Dublin Zoo are celebrating the birth of a Goeldi's monkey baby in the Zoo's South American House.

The baby was born on May 24 and weighs approximately 20g.

Zookeeper Susan O'Brien said: "We're delighted with the new addition. Inca, the mother, arrived to Dublin Zoo in 2012 from Banham Zoo in the UK, and although it is her first offspring she is taking to her new role as a mum very well.

"She is keeping the newborn very close to her at the moment and swinging around the habitat with her new baby on her back."

O'Brien added: "In a couple of weeks we should be able to get close enough to determine the newborn's gender, but for now we are happy for the family to bond and get to know each other."

Dublin Zoo will be hosting a special Monkey Moments Weekend on June 28 and 29. For more, see:

Goeldi's monkey baby

Goeldi's monkey baby