Prince has revealed details of his next album which will include a duet with Rita Ora. 

The 56-year-old singer-songwriter is yet to name the forthcoming LP which will be a separate project from Plectrum Electrum and is expected to be released later this year.

The pop icon invited a reporter from the Minneapolis Star Tribune to listen to the album which includes an "aggressive and menacing" rap song featuring Rita Ora on vocals.

He hopes to release the track as soon as possible for it to stay current because ''time is money'' for celebrities like Rita who could make cash ''walking out of the house wearing a certain kind of makeup or sunglasses''.

There is also a "joyful" ballad titled This Could Be Us, which is apparently inspired by a meme of him riding on a motorcycle with Purple Rain co-star Apollonia Kotero.

The album will reportedly kick-off with an electro-funk song called The Gold Standard, followed by a "complex electronic discourse" track.

Speaking about the album Prince said: "I've finally got something that is a cohesive statement."

He also vented his annoyance at the delay in music being released by record companies, saying: "Every number one song, every Top 10 song, every song in the Top 40 is at least six months old.

"We should be able to make music and put it out now." 

Prince will next release his 3rd Eye Girl collaboration Plectrum Electrum later this year.