Summertime Sadness singer Lana Del Rey has said she's inspired by Courtney Love and is glad she's friends with her.

Speaking on radio station France Inter's Laura Leishman Project, the 28-year-old singer said: "Courtney Love's a big inspiration. I like her; I talk to her a lot."

She continued: "I just went to her show... when she was playing in London. I like people who are similar to her, like Joni Mitchell types or Stevie Nicks, who are both strong female characters."

Del Rey also said that she was strongly influenced by jazz legends Nina Simone and Billie Holliday on her second album Ultraviolence.

She added: "It has a Pacific Coast feel to me. I think it's guitar- driven; there are references to Nina Simone. That's why I ended the tracklisting with a cover of The Other Woman. I am inspired by early jazz culture. It's a West Coast jazz fusion with a little bit of East Coast fever."