Come & Get It hitmaker Selena Gomez feels ''pressure'' to behave in a certain way.

The 21-year-old singer-and-actress admits that she hasn't always received good advice from people around her.

Speaking to ABC News, the Spring Breakers star, said: ''[I'm] surrounded by people who are supposed to guide me - and some of them have and others haven't. They pressure me, [saying] 'You gotta be sexy, you gotta be cute, you gotta be nice, you gotta be all these things.''

She added: ''I have people saying 'Have fun!' You know, like be able to just enjoy where I am.

''But I want to do a lot, though. I love what I do. I'm obsessed with what I do.

''I've always loved my life. I think there are certain parts of my life I wish I could have to myself and things I could do and grow and experience. But it would almost be just hypocritical of me if I complained about it. I think it's silly sometimes what happens, but I love what I do and I guess I gotta deal with it.''