Brendan O'Carroll says he'd rather cut his own throat than pay attention to what critics have to say about Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie. Watch our interview with O'Carroll and his wife Jenny. 

Speaking to RTÉ Ten at the launch of the Mrs Brown's Boys exhibition in The Little Museum of Dublin on "Brownsday" (aka Bloomsday), the 56-year-old comedian and actor said, "The only people I care about honestly are the people who have to pay that nine quid at the cinema to get in.

"I write for the audience, we perform for the audience, and the day I write something for a critic is the day I'll cut my own throat. Critics have a job to do and that's to work as critics in newspapers. If they could write what I write, as bad as it is, believe me they'd do it." 

In our interview, Jenny also reveals why she thinks Mrs Brown is "a witch" and Brendan talks about the show's hardcore fans and also admits that he made D'Movie up as he went along. 

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