Biffy Clyro's new album sounds ''very danceable'' due to the lads using computer technology on an LP for the first time.

The Scottish rockers say that the forthcoming, seventh album, will mark a huge change in sound direction for the band.

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper, drummer Ben Johnston said: ''It's early days, but a couple of new songs we're recording are sounding very danceable.

''We're thinking of shaking up the way we write - all of us coming up with ideas on our computers and swapping them around. It'll be the first time we've really used computers to write.

''While I'm sure we'll create a few more big rock songs, it'll be good to see what new sounds we conjure up too.''

Johnston also said that fans are in for a surprise with their new material, adding: ''We think of our albums as two different trilogies, and Opposites was number six. It's time to start afresh, and some songs we've worked on are very different.

''Some songs are dark - they sound like black metal.''