Oscar-winner Marion Cotillard will play the leading role in the upcoming period romance Mal De Pierres.

The film from writer-director Nicole Garcia has been adapted from Milena Agus’ eponymous novel, which is set in the post WWII years.

Spanning over two decades, it tells the story of a passionate, free-spirited woman (Cotillard), who is trapped in a loveless marriage and falls in love with another man.

The film will be produced by Alain Attal's Les Productions du Tresor, one of France’s top independent film companies.

Attal told Variety about the project: “It’s a passion project for both Nicole and us. It’s a very romantic and intense story about a woman whose quest for absolute love is the essence of life, her ‘raison d’etre.’

Cotillard is set to appear opposite Michael Fassbender in the upcoming film Macbeth.