Wayne (Victor Burke) finds himself in all kinds of bother as he tries to make it on time to his wedding to Orla (Sorcha Furlong) on Fair City on RTÉ One tonight, Wednesday June 11, at 8:00pm.

Warning: spoiler alert!

Wayne and best pal Damien (Maclean Burke) wake up on the big day to realise that they are handcuffed together, with the key nowhere to be found and time running out.

Arriving early at the registry office, the pregnant Orla refuses to believe that she has been jilted, but finds it harder to put on a brave face when she feels a sharp twinge in her stomach.

With Wayne in a bigger state of panic than usual, it's down to some of Carrigstown's other residents to save the day - but is there even more drama ahead?

Victor Burke said: "Wayne has been engaged a few times now, but this time it's the real deal. He is madly in love with Orla and will do anything to protect her and make her happy. Now all Wayne has to do is make it to the church on time."

His co-star Sorcha Furlong said: "Orla can't wait to marry Wayne so she is ecstatic that this day has finally arrived. They have had their fair share of up and downs as a couple but they stuck together and now they are more solid than ever. 

"This is a new start for her and Wayne, their chance of a happily ever after... she just wants to put the past behind her and look forward to a happy future together as a family."

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