Seth Rogen has opened up about the possibility of a Bad Neighbours sequel, saying that "discussions" are underway.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the actor revealed at the Produced By Conference on Saturday (June 7) that a follow-up to the comedy film could happen.

He said: "We are having a lot of discussions. 

"Getting a movie made is far harder than making a movie. Getting the money is the hardest thing." 

The actor also spoke about how he and his partners prefer to make low-budget, R-rated comedies through their production company Point Grey, rather than big-studio blockbusters.

Rogen opened up about the difficulty he had in making Bad Neighbours, saying that they had to cut the budget in half in order to prevent interference from studio executives.

He said: “Instead we literally cut the budget in half (to $18 million) and made the movie we wanted to make.

“At least we didn’t make a movie we hate and had to work on for a year and a half."